Receptionist Job Description
--Must be knowledgeable in Microsoft Office
Unlock Sales Floor main entrance doors, and turn on open sign.
Turn on TV's on sales floor and in Reception waiting room, and turn on lights if not already on.
Always make sure Showroom is clean and presentable for our Customers by wiping down tables and chairs in showroom.
Always checking the Reception Waiting room to make sure it is clean and pristine for our Customers.
Check the mail between 10am and 11am and sort the mail.
Check the main company email constantly and forward emails to the correct employees and direct to Salesman in an even fair matter.
Write down messages from the voicemail left overnight and make sure given to Salesman fairly.
Answer all incoming calls and listen to our Customers so I can correctly transfer the call to the right employee. If the individual they are looking for is currently busy or with a Customer, take a detailed message for them to call them back when they are free.
Keep track of all calls I transfer to our Salesman to make sure they are all getting the same amount of calls.
Receive all FAX's sent to our company and make sure they get to the correct individual.
Help and assist our Salesman with their Customers to get the correct keys for test drives, and take copies of our Customer's drivers license.
Responsible for License Plates that we give out for test drives and for Service, keep a log to make sure we know where all the License Plates are at all times.
There to assist Lot Tech's with their job and to make sure they are always on task.
Greet all customers that come through the door with a smile and enthusiasm.
Get Customers the correct individual, show them the waiting room and offer them a drink.
Make sure the mini fridge is always stocked with soda for our Customers.
Send out mail throughout the day and keep a detailed log of what we send out.
Check Restrooms every morning and night to make sure they are fully stocked and clean.
Make sure conference room is neat and tidy and glass table is wiped down with Glass Cleaner.
Send FAX's to the appropriate number when given a FAX to send.
Shred documents that are no longer needed.
Keep Front Desk clean and organized as much as possible.
File accounting paperwork alphabetically.
Re-write car key's descriptions when needed.
After a car has been sold to a Customer, upload their picture of them and their new shiny car to Calendar Systems, and Facebook.
When preparing for closing clean Front Desk, Showroom, and Waiting room, turning off open sign, and turning off all TV's.
If Service/Warranty is closed, responsible for taking a few deductible payments, and giving back their keys to their car.
Help managers with random projects to better our company.
Always be available for all Customers and fellow Employees in a friendly and helping manner.
Whenever I have free time, I always clean and organize as much as possible, and if I still don't have anything to do I ask around to see if I can help with anything else within our company.
We are looking for a person that has the following characteristics and traits:
-Keyboarding skills
-Must be knowledgeable in Microsoft Office
Contact: Matt Sweatfield
Phone: 801-706-0417
Email: matt@autosourcemotors.net
To receive an interview by phone or in-person email Matt at the email below:

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